Raisin Cake

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G and I have been so hungry for this cake. It was on the blog 4 years ago, but it deserves another posting. I’m still in quarantine so we’ve been doing a lot of TV binge watching. The reason we both have been itching for this cake is the show Barnwood Builders.

The people involved in the show take down and rebuild log homes and barns. They are excellent at discussing the history of a building and the reason things were done the way they were done. I’m a history buff and G’s a craftsman, so this is our jam.

They stay in a fairly small radius of homes. W. Virginia, N. Carolina, Pennsylvania are primary targets. I did not know what a “Hollow” looked like. What beautiful country. I don’t want to live there or even visit, but I do want the history lesson. It’s so interesting tracking the pioneer’s travels across the country.

*****From the Recipe Box”

If you use a decorative bundt pan like this one, be sure and grease and flour it or it will never come out.

This pan is Nordic Ware and I keep seeing new ones I like but storage is an issue.

and remember: I hate when people accuse me of lolly gagging. It’s very obvious I’m dilly dallying. Big kiss, Lynn

(Thanks C and B)

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