Cranberry Walnut Bread

I want you to run, not walk, to the nearest Costco if you have one available. I cannot take credit for this bread. G was over doing some pre-Thanksgiving shopping and spotted it. We love a dense loaf of bread.

Toasted with butter and you will swoon. Toasted with honey and you won’t care if it drips down your arms. A sandwich made with said bread and you will swear off all other sandwich bread. This happens to be a Costco rotisserie chicken and arugula sandwich with mayonnaise. It was heaven.

Unfortunately, it is a seasonal bread and I don’t live near a Costco. I’m thinking of putting many loaves in our freezer. I can throw out the steaks and salmon.

*****from the Recipe Box:

I tried requesting the recipe, but they don’t share since their recipes are not sized for the home cook.

and remember: Safety first. Just kidding. Coffee’s first. Safety’s like third of fourth. Big kiss, Lynn

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