Hey cousins and welcome to the new blog.

I have been saving family recipes for years.  From the time I was little and sitting in Grandma Olson’s kitchen, food has played a huge part of my memories.  I’m even lucky enough to have her recipe box.

I can’t imagine a St. Patrick’s Day without making Aunty Noma’s Corned Beef.  I love Aunty Adele’s Flying Dutchman Pancakes.  My mom was an amazing cook.  I even won a meatloaf cook-off using her recipe.

If you are looking for a specific recipe, you know how to reach me.  A couple of times a week I’ll add a recipe to the blog.  The comments at the end of each recipe are the lessons I’ve learned along the way.  And, of course, you have to put up with my intense love of quotes.

I thought you might enjoy access to these recipes as well, because that’s what cousins do.  We share.