Britney Spears

I’m a little old to have grown up a Britney Spears fan, but lately I’ve read so much about her, I’ve wanted to give her a big hug. Her father is obviously a pig-dog, her family not much better. So in her honor, I want to include a Britany quote.

You go girl and keep the faith. Some of us are thinking strong thoughts for you.


Kiss my ass

eat shit

and step on Legos.

Big Kiss, Lynn

Thomas Street Tacos

Every night could be taco night if you lived here. We love tacos, whether it’s shrimp, beef or chicken. We’ve been seeing the 4 inch street tacos quite frequently and we like those a lot. I don’t eat quite as much with a smaller taco. Plus, I’m not losing the fillings all over.

The street tacos are simpler. If you buy them from a vendor, there is typically very few ingredients: a shell, a protein, a veggie of some sort. The picture shows my favorite variation. I’ll have salsa on the side. G is learning to like a few onions on his, green being his flavor of choice.

I also prefer wheat over corn tortillas. What can I say, back to white food.

*****From the Recipe Box:

We don’t put a lot of avocados on our tacos. I appear to be the only one who loves them. I’m especially fond of a good guacamole.

We don’t put a lot of stuff on our tacos; be creative and add all sorts of different stuff.

You might prefer corn over flour tortillas. It does come down to personal taste.

You probably noticed I didn’t include a recipe. How can I when there are so many choices.

and remember: Over a round of coffee, one makes and remakes the world. Big kiss, Lynn


I love the Olympics and the summer Olympics are my very favorite. I worry about all the athletes who have trained for years and my not be able share their talents.

Damn you pandemic.

The opening ceremony is Friday and I will be sitting on the edge of my seat. I hope you are able to enjoy them as much as I do.

Big kiss, Lynn

Shrimp Louis

Considering I live in an area of the United States where my favorite Dungeness crab grows liberally, you are probably wondering why I’m having shrimp instead of crab Louis’. It’s not really a long story, it’s a getting old story. G fell in our boat last year and unless someone is able to go with him, we don’t trust ourselves to do this on our own.

This was probably more info than you needed to hear about us, but I so love my Louis’, I had to branch out and find other options.

We are lucky enough to have cilantro lime shrimp at Costco that C the MP and I love as a nibble. Because he’s constantly treating me like I’m his favorite (yes, I know and only) mom, he always sends the leftovers home with me. Depending on how much there is, I make shrimp Louis’ or shrimp tacos. Totally nummy,

*****From the Recipe Box;

I make the dressing Rosselini’s 610 restaurant in Seattle used to make for their Louis’. All it is ketchup and mayo, but it’s the perfect dressing.

and remember what Snoopy said: Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that wouldn’t work.  Someone always leaves and then we have to say good-bye.  I hate good-byes.  I need more hellos. Big kiss, Lynn

White Food

I love white food. I don’t know why I just do. Nate the Great was asking me what I wanted for dinner to celebrate my birthday and I said fish would be good. And he said, I know, white fish preferably. Is it the Norwegian in me? Quite possibly the food I was raised with has continued to influence my choices.

I want mashed potatoes, lefse, bread pudding, custard, all things white and boring to some. Of course, I want lemon too. I’m an equal opportunity lover of shades of white. I’m branching out, but I will always love what I grew up with; I can’t help it.

The piece d resistance is the kransekaka. This is a Norwegian wedding cake. G and I have made a few for people we really love. They are a little time consuming, so we really need a good reason to make one. It’s 18 layers of ground almonds, totally gluten free if you care about that stuff. We don’t but there are a lot of people who do now.

*****from the Recipe Box:

I usually add Norwegian flags, but you can use any you choose.

and remember: What tastes good with white food ? a Boulevardier…..

Combine 2 ounces bourbon or Rye, 1 ounce Campari, and 1 ounce sweet vermouth in a large mixing glass filled with ice. Stir until glass is very cold, about 1 minute. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or coupe or a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Big kiss, Lynn

Eggs are Faboo

The sous chef famously known as “J” was up here for a week and we had a really good time cataloging our egg options. We started doing 3 egg omelets 2 summers ago. The one rule was each had to start with the letter “C” and they had to relate to the country the ingredients were from.

Our most popular and most often made is the Clyde. It consists of 3 eggs on 2 slices of bacon.

Some of these you are going to go “What?” J and I don’t care. The naming made sense at the time and that’s all that’s important to us.

Chuckie: 3 eggs with broken yolks, American cheese

Charles: 3 eggs scrambled, with cheese on a chibata

Clifford: 3 eggs, bacon, cheese on a chibata

Chad: 3 eggs, pork sausage, cheese

Cisco: 3 eggs, chorizo sausage, cheese on a tortilla

Connor: fried egg sandwich on white bread

Curtis: fried egg sandwich on dark bread

Conrad: 3 eggs, little pigs and cheese

Clive: English muffin, sausage patty, eggs any style only gooey

*****from the Recipe Box:

J always makes taco soup when he’s over and the leftovers always go in an omelet. We haven’t decided on a name yet.

and remember: I may not always mean to say it out loud, but I always mean it. Big kiss, Lynn