Hors d’oeuvers Potato Chips

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Back in the old days (pre Covid) G and I used to entertain a lot. People would stop over frequently and we would put out nibbles and have beverages.

While we don’t have much company now, G and I still like to enjoy a beverage now and again and when we do, a nibble is mandatory.

Take a bag of store bought potato chips, the thicker the better, and lay them out onto a baking sheet. Chop up a few springs of rosemary and scatter over the top of the chips. Gently mix. Bake in a 350 degree oven to just slightly warm the chips up and infuse them with the rosemary goodness. Your home will smell divine. Put in individual bowls or cups (even add whole sprigs for a jaunty flourish) so guests don’t have to share. Trust me, they won’t. Enjoy.

*****from the Recipe Box:

I used to obsess over hors d’oeuvers. Sometimes simple is better. Charcuterie plates could be the death of me; I keep adding one more thing, one more thing.

and remember: I still hate you Covid. Big kiss, Lynn

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