Norwegian Food Via N. D.

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G and I just got back from a trip to North Dakota. This the first time we’ve been out and about in months and months. Of course we had the best time, because we love everyone who lives there. How lucky am I to have the best family. G feels the same way.

I’ve talked before about the differences in food between here and there. There’s lots of cow but even more seafood which always surprises me. Not a lot of water to raise the kind of fish I’m used to.

But then, I discovered this little jewel via my cousin. I find shmers delightful. It makes me want a bagel and lox.

G didn’t think it deserved a spot in the garbage can. If you’re making a tray of nibbles, it’s perfect on crackers or crusty bread. Go into it with and open mind. Why wouldn’t you want some crawdad spread.

from the Recipe Box:

You are either going to love this or hate it.

It also comes in cheese or shrimp.

and remember: Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Big kiss, Lynn

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