Portobello Burgers

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Back before G started his trip to foodalicious extraordinaire, He was a very finicky eater. One day we stopped for lunch in beautiful downtown Freeland. I ordered a Portobello burger. G likes mushrooms, so he followed my lead.

Mine was delicious. G took one bite and leaned over to me and whispered they forgot the hamburger patty. What should I do.? You would have been proud. I didn’t laugh. I just explained what a Portobello burger is.

Since then G has turned into a major foodie. He loves trying new things and enjoying new tastes. They had beautiful Portobellos at our grocery the other day and I thought it was time to revisit our burgers.

one good sized mushroom per person

Baste with olive oil

broil or fry until soft

I like serving them with lettuce, tomato, and purple onion

*****from the Recipe Box:

These are soft and almost creamy.

Just don’t tell anyone there’s no meat.

There are 2 ways to cook them: like a patty or sliced with onions. G likes them as a patty, I like them sliced and easy to eat.

and remember: Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity. Big kiss, Lynn

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