Gordon’s Fusion Cuisine

G and I put on our masks and headed out to eat. We love Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill so we were quite excited to hear about his new venture. The older we get the more adventurous we become, especially G.

I have always liked different flavors, but for G to eat anything pickled would normally take an act of Congress. He’s now trying new things thanks to the cooking channels. This time he actually ate Kimchi. Holy guacamole! He liked it.

I had the most delicious stir-fry. I love clams and mussels together in a Thai sauce. This one also had salmon cooked just the way I liked it, soft and moist.

G had a teriyaki flank steak on a bed of garlicky potatoes. They were very creamy.

We can hardly wait to go back again. We’re going to try and go every 2 weeks to different restaurants. Is Covid over? I don’t think so, but G and I are going to be careful and continue to get out and about a bit more often. Life is short, we’ve got to play hard while we have the chance.

*****from the Recipe Box:

Try new things. Enjoy new options. I may have had a dirty martini as well and it was good.

and remember: Don’t grow up. It’s a trap. Big kiss, Lynn

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