Rib Eye

Our carnivore sous chef was up up for another cooking lesson and he requested rib eyes for dinner. This is one pricey piece of meat and I’d not cooked one before so I did a lot of research. Our local grocery was charging $31.00 a pound. I know, shut up! Even Costco was charging $13.00. Cowabunga. I remember the old days when I would feed the 5 of us with one pound of hamburger. It was very hard for me to pay that kind of money.

R wanted to grill them, but we ended up getting torrential downpours. I ended up doing my stove top method. This has turned into my tried and true cooking method.

Normally, I would get my cast iron pan screaming hot, but I decided to add a little olive oil to the pan for the caramelization. This would have caused a little too much potential for charring. I only use salt and pepper when cooking meat on the stovetop, so even putting olive oil in the pan is a big step.

I ended up putting the lid on them periodically. They were a fairly thick and I wanted to have a medium rare inside and a nicely browned exterior. I based them with butter; as if they weren’t fat enough. Num.

*****From the Recipe Box:

To go from someone who ate no meat to someone who will periodically eat a rib eye is a big deal for me.

I usually cook these to about 115 degrees internally and then let them rest for at least 5 minutes.

and remember: Wise people are not always silent, but they know when to be. Big kiss, Lynn

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