G has been jonesing for brisket. We’ve never eaten at a bar-b-que restaurant, but there have been a lot of shows on TV about them. Franklin Bar-b-que in Austin Texas looks to be the hands down favorite.

There aren’t a lot of options here on our island, like only one. So we drove up there to pick up some take out. I’m not a bar-b-que fan. I don’t like the smoky flavor the wood smoke adds. It becomes very acrid. G loves it. I’m also not a fan of fatty meat. G totally loves it.

I assumed I’d be happy with sides, but once you’ve tasted my family’s sides, you will become a very harsh critique.

G was happy with the brisket, but everything else tasted a little dry. I didn’t really like anything, but I didn’t really think I would. It’s a bitch being so picky.

G will probably pull out his smoker again and work on perfecting his brisket. It does make a good French dip or pulled pork sandwich. His recipe goes back a couple of years. He’s still tweaking it but if you like brisket, you will probably like his.

*****from the Recipe Box:

Just remember, I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to anything involving cow or pig. Give me a steamed clam or mussel and you’d see a totally different reaction.

This place was pretty busy, so it must be better than I’m giving it credit for.

We would probably be taking bar-b-que road trips now. Damn you Covid!!!!

and remember: Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind. Big kiss, Lynn

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