Pork Tenderloin

Why have I always assumed cooking a roast was a time consuming process? I made a pork tenderloin for dinner last night and it took about 20 minutes. What’s up with that?

I love pork tenderloin and I need to cook it more often. I think my mother gave me the impression you had to cook pork until it was dead or you were going to get trichinosis. Pigs don’t deal with that anymore, so neither should we.

Basically, I liberally salted and peppered the loin which was about 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. And when I say liberally, I mean liberally. You can barely see any meat when I’m done. I’ve brought the meat up to room temperature. It will cook better that way.

I browned the meat on all 4 sides.

I put the loin on a piece of foil on a small baking sheet. I bake it at 400 degrees or so. I want it to reach about 145 degrees internally. It will still be a little pink in the middle, but that’s a good thing.

*****from the Recipe Box:

This is a fast and easy dinner

I served it with Waldorf Salad and glazed carrots. Numm!

and remember: My diet has failed. I will now concentrate on growing taller. (Thanks C & B)

Big kiss, Lynn

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