Thomas Street Tacos

Every night could be taco night if you lived here. We love tacos, whether it’s shrimp, beef or chicken. We’ve been seeing the 4 inch street tacos quite frequently and we like those a lot. I don’t eat quite as much with a smaller taco. Plus, I’m not losing the fillings all over.

The street tacos are simpler. If you buy them from a vendor, there is typically very few ingredients: a shell, a protein, a veggie of some sort. The picture shows my favorite variation. I’ll have salsa on the side. G is learning to like a few onions on his, green being his flavor of choice.

I also prefer wheat over corn tortillas. What can I say, back to white food.

*****From the Recipe Box:

We don’t put a lot of avocados on our tacos. I appear to be the only one who loves them. I’m especially fond of a good guacamole.

We don’t put a lot of stuff on our tacos; be creative and add all sorts of different stuff.

You might prefer corn over flour tortillas. It does come down to personal taste.

You probably noticed I didn’t include a recipe. How can I when there are so many choices.

and remember: Over a round of coffee, one makes and remakes the world. Big kiss, Lynn

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