Corned Beef Hash Cook-off 2021

As many of you know, the part of me that isn’t Norwegian is Irish.  My family has always celebrated the day with corned beef and cabbage.  Even though G and I are still confined to barracks so to speak, we did not mess with our tradition.  I made an absolutely fabulous corned beef yesterday, so that must mean today begins the cook-off.

I wrote about the last one.  It wasn’t pretty.  G actually admitted defeat very early on in the competition.  It was the Worcestershire sauce that did him in.  He’s always hoping to discover the next best taste sensation.  I just want a hash that would make my dad proud.  I’m much more into simplicity then G is.

G is making his version tomorrow.  Be kind.  There are only 6 ingredients in my recipe.  It’s not as crispy as I would like so I think I’m going to get a weighted press to help hold it down next year.  Give it a try Laddies and Lassies.  

*****From the Recipe Box:

If you don’t like corned beef, these recipes aren’t for you, but for G and I, we are in hog heaven.

and remember:  Erin Go Bragh.  Big kiss, Lynn

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