Shortbread Cookies

As everyone knows, I love Ina Garten. Everything she cooks, I want to cook. G woke up this morning wanting shortbread cookies. So, after calling my baby brother to wish him a happy birthday, G started searching for the right recipe, so hello Ina.

We have had nothing but trouble in the past making shortbread. I don’t know why, but we suck. Ours are always dry and hard to cut. I need a tutorial. This time after I gave up and G took over, we came pretty close to nummy. All I can say is thank god for Youtube, G and Ina.

Our perfect shortbread was at Starbucks in England. OMG! Those happened to have hazelnuts in them. Which just happens to be my favorite nut.

We still have miles to go before G and I can look at each other, smile that perfect smile, sigh the perfect note of satisfaction, and start drinking our coffee in a cup with a saucer. You will be seeing a picture the minute we feel comfortable with our end results.

*****from the Recipe Box:

We used less flour than the recipe called for each time we made these.

and remember: Fiction enables you to see real toads in an imaginary garden. Big kiss, Lynn

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