Cake Hack

As much as I would love to be a professional baker, it’s just not going to happen. Who has the time?! When I need to bake a cake or supply cupcakes, why wouldn’t I use a cake mix.

You know how much I love easy peasy. I went on line to discover how to improve the common cake mix. If you follow the tips on how to make box cake better that I found on the Internet, you will be sitting pretty.

Don’t worry, most of these things are already in your pantry or your fridge.  I got most of this information on line from different authors. Thanks kids.


By simply mixing in one additional egg to the eggs that are already called for in the recipe, you are adding both moisture and fat to the batter.

As the mix bakes in the oven that one extra egg gives it more structure and keeps it soft, moist, and rich. 


Does your batter need some liquid? Yes, of course, it does. Does the said liquid need to be void of any flavor? Sure doesn’t. Many box recipes call for water, but I like to use things that are a bit more exciting. 

Instead of the water, try using the same amount of coffee or milk. Either will give you the moisture you need while giving you an edge on the flavor front. Coffee goes particularly well with chocolate cakes and milk works for all of them. 

If you happen to have some buttermilk in the fridge, this will work too and will give you cake oodles of moisture and lots of tang.


Most boxes call for oil to be added to the batter. While some people love that texture (and it guarantees a moist cake,) I choose to skip it and instead add in the same amount of unsalted, melted butter. 

This buttery boost will give you tons of flavor and make each bite of your cake that much more decadent and fancy. I mean what’s more decadent than butter?!


For the love of all that is good and holy, sift the dry ingredients. All too often, these boxes are sitting around for a while at the store or on your shelf and home and they get lumps. These lumps will not mix into the batter easily and can create dry pockets in your cake. 

To get rid of them use a fine mesh strainer or a proper flour sifter and sift your dry ingredients into your wet.


Another common mistake is not mixing the batter long enough once the wet and the dry ingredients are all together. Be sure you have a smooth batter with no lumps. As it bakes this will be a tender, moist cake with few crumbs.


I won’t lie to you, I cannot stand frosting in the tub. You have to be tongue dead to not know canned frosting was used.

  • From the Recipe Box:

I’m going to try chocolate with espresso granules next.

I’m not really a sprinkles person, so next time, so sprinkles for me.

and remember what Julia Child said: If there isn’t any cake, it’s only a meeting. Big kiss, Lynn

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