Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

I’m trying to get ready for Christmas.  I’ve certainly got the time for it.  I know what you’re thinking:  Girl, it’s only October, but who knows when and what the next catastrophe could be, so I’m going to start practicing now.

I’d never tasted chocolate dipped potato chips before.  Am I a fan?  Probably not.  You definitely need the right potato chip.  I tried Tim’s and Ruffles today.  The Ruffles were a clear winner in my book.  I needed the salty to balance the sweet of the chocolate.  Tim’s had a way too subtle taste.  The chips also needed to be ever so sturdy.

The other problem for me, I don’t really like chocolate.  These were good according to G.  I actually broke off the bark I had in the freezer.  If you see little lumps, those are Reeses Pieces that didn’t quite melt.  Why not reuse?

So, I melted approximately 12 ounces of chocolate to start in a deepish Pyrex glass bowl.  I wanted room to dip the chips into the melted chocolate.  I picked through the potato chips until I found a collection of good shapes.  I wish I’d saved the plate after I was done so you could see the clear winners.  G ate all the Ruffles and the Tim’s were left sad and alone.  Le sigh.  Will I make these again?  G says yes, but I found the flavor totally lacking.  I vote no.

* From the Recipe Box:
Maybe dark chocolate would improve the taste.  I’m just kind of negative about the whole thing.  I like potato chips, but with the chocolate, boring.
Yes, deepish is a word.  I don’t know why you keep doubting me.
and remember:   You are either on my side, by my side, or in my fucking way.  Choose wisely.  Big kiss, Lynn, the Great and Powerful

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