Faux Sqirl Toast

I’m not ripping Sqirl off; I’m giving them total credit for this amazing thing to eat.  I remember the first time I took my folks to Starbucks.  I truly thought my dad was going to split a gut.  I can still hear him, ” $3.00 for a cup of coffee.  You’ve got to be kidding me.”  Sqirl is the same principle for a lot of people.  One slice of toast for approximately $9.00.  As if!

The owner of Sqirl, Jessica Koslow, rocks my world.  Not only did she come up with this amazing idea, but she was able to market it to people willing to pay the price.  I’ve seen her a few times in interviews and I can’t believe how clever some people are.

So, let’s talk recipe.

The one I saw profiled tonight was called Unicorn Toast.

Cut a slice of brioche at least one inch thick.  I’m using our very own homemade oatmeal bread.  Toast it on both sides.

Slather it thickly with creamy ricotta cheese.  I’m using creamed cream cheese thinned with a little cream instead because I prefer cream cheese to ricotta.

Finally, spread it with stripes of jam.  They used 4 different jams, thus the Unicorn.  I don’t keep that many jars of jam in the refrigerator, so I settled for 3.  I do wish I’d done a better of striping.  I used raspberry, golden plum and lemon curd, all Bonne Maman.  I must say, both G and I thought the lemon curd was magical on the cream cheese.

It looked ever so amazing.

*  From the Recipe Box:

Jessica, I’m going to look up some of your other concoctions.  You are my type of creative genius.  Look her up on-line.  The brioche is much more La-di-da than my oatmeal bread, but you know how I feel about using what you’ve got.

and remember:  Better an “oops” than a ‘what if”.  Big kiss, Lynn

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