Crab Louie

Last century, when I was still in school, my mom would take me school shopping in downtown Seattle.  It was a really big deal for me.  This was before Nordstroms became Nordstroms.  Back then it was still called Bests and it was everything you wanted in a department store.

After I got my 2 outfits, 2 wool skirts and 2 wool sweaters, we would go to lunch at Rosellini’s.  It was so incredibly cool.  I would always have the Crab Louie.  My mom would have a Manhattan.  Shopping with me always tried her patience.  The Manhattan helped.

Rosellini’s specialized in Italian food.  The decor looked like something out of The Godfather. The owner’s brother was the governor of Washington, so I was always hoping I would see someone famous.  I was a nosy kid even back then and read the newspaper cover to cover each morning.  I know I’m wandering as usual, but this time of the year brings all those memories back.

But I’ll stop digressing and talk about Crab Louies.  Those trips into Seattle with my mom started a life long love affair with Louies.  This is the salad I remember.  Is it the correct recipe?  I don’t know, but if we catch crab, this is the way I make it and I’m always gloriously happy.

Start with a wide rimmed pasta type bowl:

  • Add a bed of shredded romaine or iceberg lettuce,
  • next a layer of chopped celery,
  • next a layer of hard boiled eggs, quartered,
  • next a layer of dungeness crab, the more the better.  Be sure you’ve picked through it to remove all the shells.

Make a batch of thousand island dressing.   Depending on how many Louie’s you are making, quantities will vary.  Plus, I want plenty of dressing:

  •  mayo, for 2 Louies I will start with about 1 cup,
  •  ketchup, approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons.  I taste it and adjust accordingly, but start out minimally and add.
  •  dill pickle relish, these are the islands in the thousand island dressing.  I like a tablespoon or so, but you need to decide for your taste

  • a drizzle or so of lemon juice.

* From the Recipe Box:

Crabbing season opens on my birthday here in Washington, so to me it’s an additional gift.

If you aren’t eating dungeness crab, really, why bother.  Isn’t he a beauty?

and remember:   You cannot make a crab walk straight.  Big kiss, Lynn



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