Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon

I never think of myself as a finicky eater, but the longer I write this blog the more apparent my finickiness appears.  Of course, it could be I only have so many years left and I’m not going to waste it on food that doesn’t ring my bells.  As I look through cookbooks, I will flip right past recipes that have no appeal or too many ingredients.

So, what do I love?  Don’t you play that game as well?  We spent a couple of years living in Hawaii and I fell in love with Kimchi.  I’ve always liked pickles, but this goes beyond pickles to spicy and funky.  My mom used to always put a bowl of sliced onions and cucumbers in vinegar on the dinner table and this reminds me of that.  Korea, Norway, very similar in its own way.  I could eat it every day.  I love, love, love watermelon, especially cubed with mozzarella and basil.  Or mozzarella with grape tomatoes.  You’re going to notice a little trend, I will never pick cow when I could pick shrimp.  I don’t want heavy pasta, but I do enjoy pasta with vegetables or seafood.

This is my version of linguine and shrimp.  It comes together so quickly and with just a few ingredients.  I’m just cooking for G and I tonight, so the ingredient list will be a little scaled down.  I put enough water for 8 ounces of linguine on to boil.  If my shrimp is frozen, I start thawing it.  I like using 16 to 20 count shrimp.  That simply means 16 to 20 per pound.  I prefer unpeeled, tail on.  I think they last longer in the freezer and it gives me more options.  I put them in a colander and run cold water over them.  When they’re thawed, I peel them.  This was one pound of shrimp.

By this time the water is probably boiling and I throw the pasta in.  I heat butter and olive oil in a fry pan and cook the shrimp.  I add fresh lemon juice, more butter and garlic to taste.  When the pasta is done, I add it to the shrimp with a little pasta water if needed.  A wee drizzle of olive oil to finish.  This is a light yet filling meal and it looks pretty as well.

This is probably more than you needed to know about me, but if you stick around, you’ll hear even more.

* From the Recipe Box:

For those of you paying attention, that is not linguine.  You know the drill, no store runs for one item.  This is angel hair, which is not my favorite pasta, but it will work in a pinch.

and remember:    I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.  Big kiss, Lynn

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