A New Year Hash Tradition

We are tradition rich in this family.  I love a good tradition.  New Year’s Eve and Day are pretty quiet for the Hunka-hunka and I.  We reflect, plan and putter.  We’ve decided to add a new wrinkle to our tradition list:  corned beef hash.  I know we just discussed this in March, but can one ever spend too much time on hash.  I don’t think so.

Gluten-free girl was up and you know how she loves meat, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to begin the tradition.  I used Aunty Noma’s Corned Beef recipe.  As if I’d use any other.  It turned out incredibly as always.  We ate the roast and saved the leftovers for New Year’s Eve.  We did have one little hiccup.  I was trying to be fancy and I used some purple carrots.  We ended up with purple potatoes.  So, here’s the question I want you to ponder.  If purple carrots turn potatoes purple, why don’t orange carrots turn potatoes orange?  Things that make you go “hmmmmm”.

These were the ingredients below.  I didn’t want anyone to accuse me of cheating, so I divided everything evenly and then let G pick his bowl first.  We each got one of the purple carrots.  I swear I’ll never include them again.

I was much happier with my hash this time.  I cubed the carrots and potatoes in a 1/2 inch dice and browned them nicely.  I shredded some of the corned beef and cubed the rest.  What you see in the bowl is what I used in the hash:  no onion, no ketchup, no water.  Oops, not true.  I did add salt and pepper, of course.

You’re probably noticing a lack of comments on G’s hash.  Awkward, but his did not pass muster and he’ll be the first one to admit it.  He added Worcestershire sauce and it was a big boo-boo.  He’ll never make that mistake again.  We are already planning for next year when there will be another hash off.  I may buy a trophy to award to the winner.  Picture the bragging rights.  There will be further updates next year at this time.

*  From the Recipe Box:

We like pur hash on the dry side and very crispy.  And obviously from the picture above, very steamy.

and remember:  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.  Big kiss, Lynn

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