And Remember the Joy of Quotes

I love my quotes.  I’ve been collecting them since I was 17 and in Mrs. Schuh’s English class at Ingraham High School.  They are like little snippets of wisdom when you don’t have time for the full story.  I much prefer giving credit to the real author, but don’t be thinking if I don’t give credit I was smart enough to have said it myself; I just didn’t keep track.  And if you’re offended occasionally, good.  I’ll bet it made you think.

I keep my quotes both in my computer and in a 3-ring binder.  Once I use a quote in my blog, I highlight it so I won’t be redundant.  Or, at least I try.  Quotes are fun.  I usually include them with birthday cards, wedding cards, graduation cards, etc., just about everything.  I’ve even stenciled them on my walls.  They often say so much more than I’m able to say.  Enjoy them, god knows I do.

Big kiss, Lynn

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