Rice Krispie Treats

All those years you spent making Rice Krispie Treats using the recipe on the box were a total waste of time, but it’s OK, I’m going to show you the error of your ways.  You will be thanking me over and over once you see how brilliant this change will be.

What’s worse than a dry Rice Krispie Treat?  Absolutely nothing in my opinion.  I want my treats to be ooey-gooey.  If the marshmallow to cereal ratio is off, dryness is the end result.  Don’t be guilty of serving dry treats.

The other option I want you to consider is Fruity Pebbles.  I myself find switching the Rice Krispies for Fruity Pebbles abhorrent, but the oldest son insisted I try it.  Guess what.  The first tray of treats to disappear was the Fruity Pebble option.  I obviously know nothing.  They were so popular, next time I’m trying the Cocoa Pebbles as well.  Who knew?

I also want you to remember how easy these are.  For my helper, I had a very enthusiastic 18 month old and everything went beautifully.  We laughed and ate krispies off our fingers for a very long time.  These are the treats you want to bring to your next get together.  Everyone will enjoy them.



16 to 18 ounces of marshmallows (I always use Jet Puffed)

1/2 cube butter

1/4 cup corn or vegetable oil

Melt in microwave in an 8 cup Pyrex measure.  This usually take approximately 1 minute.  Stir about half way through.

Place 8 cups Rice Krispies or Fruity Pebbles in a large bowl.  (If you’re lucky, you will even find red, white and blue Rice Krispies.  At Christmas, I’ve made them with red and green.  Yes, I’m that woman,)

Pour the marshmallow mixture over the cereal and stir to combine.

Let the mixture cool a bit.  Using either an Ice cream scoop or well-greased hands, form the mixture into balls.  Press firmly and place on parchment paper or a cookie sheet to cool.  We like the golf ball sized balls more than squares cut from a 9 x 13 inch pan, but give both a try and choose your preference.

and remember what Ricky Gervais said:  You should make something.  You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or a garden, everyone should create.  Do something and then sit back and say, “I did that’.  Big kiss, Lynn

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