Valsa Kake

It’s time for another edition of white food.  Most Norwegian desserts are white.  There will be almond flavoring but rarely any other.  This one has a wee drizzle of chocolate, but I added it just to be fancy.


I love this recipe.  There is a pie crust-type base, a cream puff-type layer and then a glaze.  I’ve taken it to fancy parties, Kindergarten potlucks, work functions and more.  Everyone loves it.  I am noticing a trend though, none of my sweets are all that sweet.  I always tell everyone what an incredible sweet tooth I have and then I turn around and bring you recipes that aren’t very sweet.  There isn’t even any sugar in the main part of the recipe, it only comes later when you put a thin frosting layer on.


The one thing you are going to swear to is the cream layer in the center.  There is no cream layer.  I swear.  When the cream puff layer collapses it creates a creamy texture, but there is no cream.  I’ve actually had people call me a liar.  No cream.  Honest.

Crust strips:

Combine:  ½ cup butter cut into dice, 1 cup flour, 2 to 3 tablespoons water

Cut butter into flour.  Slowly add enough water to make a pie crust-like dough

Press two 3” x 12” strips on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Top Layer:

1 cup water

½ cup butter

½ teaspoon salt

Combine in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and add 1 cup flour all at once, stirring until it leaves the side of the pan.  Let cool a bit and the add 3 eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each egg.

Spread this over the crust dough and bake approximately 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Frost with a thin layer of powdered sugar frosting while still warm.

*   From the Recipe Box:

It is so indicative of all things Scandinavian.

Sprinkle with sliced almonds before baking if you lean that way.

Drizzle with melted chocolate when cool if you lean that way.

See those layers.

and remember:  I like the smell of earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter and the feeling of being fully alive.  Big kiss, Lynn



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