Chicken Cordon Bleu

I’m christening this “oops” week.  We really like chicken and as I mentioned, the Hunka-hunka really prefers chicken thighs.  They aren’t my favorite, but the Hunka is.  So, even though Chicken Cordon Bleu is made with breasts, I figured how different would it be.  It would be very different.

It starts being a problem at the very beginning.  Flattening out the breast is an important step in the process.  You want it nice and even.  Unfortunately, pounding out a chicken thigh is not the easiest process.  There is too much variation in the piece once the bone has been removed, making it uneven.

Next, I add a nice bit of ham.  I really added too much ham.  You need to roll up the chicken pieces when you are done assembling and 1 layer of ham would have been plenty.  This is followed by a nice slice of Swiss cheese.  I’m a big fan of chicken and Swiss.  If you don’t love it like I do, Gruyere would be good as would Havarti.

Now it’s time to roll up the chicken pieces.  If you are working with breasts, you have a large, flat piece of chicken.  You can tuck in the sides and then roll everything up into a nice package.  I usually use a toothpick to anchor them in place.  With the thigh, it’s more luck than anything.

Whatever piece you use, it’s time to dredge it.  I beat up a couple of eggs in a bowl and place it on the counter with a bowl of Panko next to it.  I dip the dried chicken into the eggs then into the Panko.  I put them on a baking sheet and place them in a preheated oven set to 375 degrees.  I usually bake them for about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the thickness of the parcel or 165 degrees.

A normal piece of Cordon Bleu would look like a jelly roll when sliced.  Using the thighs, I wasn’t able to achieve the roll.  I wouldn’t make them with thighs again.  The Hunka said they tasted really good, but some recipes deserve the original treatment.  They were golden brown and crispy, but I really want what I want.  Give them a try either way and let me know what you think.

and remember:  Some people will always hate you no matter what.  (They are called stupid bitches.)  Big kiss, Lynn

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