Corned Beef Hash Faceoff

Hey all, the hunka-hunka told me I couldn’t talk about corned beef hash without including a recipe.  This is going to be a little difficult because he thinks his is best and we all know mine is.  So, here are the 2019 hash entries written in our own amazing way.

Lynn:  I went first.  Greg always says ladies first, but really he wants to steal any of my ideas that appeal to him.  This year, I really simplified things.  My ingredients included:  chopped onion, baked sweet potato, carrots, shredded corned beef and a bit of ketchup.  I browned all the veggies and added the beef to warm it.  When it looked warm and nummy, I added a little ketchup and water to sauce it up a bit.  In another pan, I fried an egg.  I wanted the yolk to make everything a little saucier.  This only takes about 15 minutes if you are using the previously cooked vegetables.  Of course I added S & P, but no other seasonings.

I was disappointed.  I have this major confusion when it comes to yams and sweet potatoes.  Obviously I like yams not sweet potatoes.  I want the bright yellow/orange color and the flavor.  Sweet potatoes are bland and boring.  I liked the corned beef shredded, but everything else underwhelmed me.  All I can say is better luck next year Lynn.  And yes, we love pepper.  Also, my smidgey bit and your smidgey bit could vary considerably.

Greg:  The beautiful and vivacious L and I have been comparing who has the best corned beef hash and really it has not been much of a contest. She is a great cook and I am living proof of that, but when it comes to hash her greatness seems to fade into 2nd place.

1-1/2 lbs precooked and cubed corned beef 3/8 to ½” squares
2 or 3 large or 10 to 12 small precooked potatoes, cut into squares
slightly larger than the corned beef.
½ a red and green bell pepper diced
2 or 3 precooked carrots either diced or medallions
4 to 6 diced green onions
Season to taste with salt, pepper, sriracha, and bacon jam.  Combine the corned beef and potatoes in a cast iron skillet on medium high heat to start browning (If you use another heavy skillet on top of the corned beef and potatoes it helps crisp it up better…L taught me that). If you wait 5 minutes between stirrings it will be crispier.  While that is starting to brown, cut up the rest of the ingredients. By the time you are done you can add them to the skillet with the seasoning, tasting every so often to make sure you have the right amount. I like mine well browned and crispy with a little bite from the sriracha. My mouth is watering just writing this.
AND REMEMBER…food is always better enjoyed with your best friend, that’s you L!

and remember:  True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.  Big kiss, Lynn

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