And Remember How to Live:

Here’s what you do to live a well lived life :

  • You tell yourself you will never regret giving it your all, but you might regret giving it your some?
  • You tell yourself why stop at 10 when you can go one louder?
  • You tell yourself why be an echo when you can be a voice?
  • Why wait for validation when you can fill the meter yourself?
  • Why waste time trying to be perfect when your flaws are what make you interesting?
  • Why wait for your life to get better by chance when you can make it better by change?
  • Why listen to your head when you can listen to your gut?
  • Why let others define for you what powerful is?
  • Why be afraid to fail if that’s the quickest way to improve?
  • Why compare your beginning to someone else’s middle?
  • Why put your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket?
  • Why wait, start now!

Big kiss, Lynn

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