Blood Oranges are the Best

I know, I know.  Why am I wasting time talking about a garnish.  Come summer, when the deck is sunny and people are milling about and the water in the bay is sparkling like a freshly cut diamond, you are going to add one of these frozen blood orange slices to a glass of lemonade, a vodka lemonade or simply a glass of water.  People are going to go, “ohhhh, ahhhh, this looks amazing”.  The flavor of the blood orange isn’t that different, but it does have a berry like tang and the color is simply ravishing.  I also love the color variation from orange to orange.

Blood oranges are only available mid-January to mid-March.  I know you aren’t thinking of summertime entertaining right now, but maybe that’s when we should be.  I start freezing slices the minute I see them in the stores.  I found these the other night at Trader Joe’s (love me my Trader Joe’s).  I line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay the slices down in a single layer.  A quick visit to the freezer and then I store them in Ziploc bags.  They last beautifully.  If you love a Negroni, picture a blood orange slice in that rosy potion.

I used to make them into ice cubes immediately, but that took so much storage space.  I now wait for the weather to improve a bit and I’ll just pop a few slices into the glass with, dare I say, naked ice cubes.  This works equally well with Washington Bing cherries.  They also have such a short season.  Use the same parchment paper technique with pitted cherries.  Your Old Fashioned will bless you for frozen cherries.  Come summer, I will make up a couple of ice cube trays of both cherries and orange slices, just to be ready for an impromptu party.  Ah, look at that color!  Enjoy.


and remember:  Every night I look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the Universe all over again.  I will be counting the stars for the rest of my life.  Big kiss, Lynn (God, but I love words!)


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