Happy New Year

Hey everyone.  As you might have noticed, I missed a few days of blogging.  Here on Whidbey Island, we had some major storms and we lost power until almost Christmas.  We also lost part of our roof, but that’s another story.  We’re back home, safe and sound and hoping to start our repairs.

As much as I love Christmas, the day after is the first day of spring in my opinion.  I want the tree down, my pots ready to plant and longer days.  But, I do want to share my 67 Seconds Blog with you from Dec. 22nd.  It explains why I’m happy all the time and poor G walks around shaking his head.  A belated Merry Christmas to you all.

Happy day after winter solstice day.  Why are we celebrating?  Starting today, each and every day until summer solstice will be 67 seconds longer, bringing us more light.  Not quite running down the street naked exciting, but still it’s a big deal to me.

Several of you are shaking your heads and scratching your chins and quietly saying “Huh?”  I love science.  Once upon a time, I was either going to be an archeologist or an astronomer.  Instead, I became a student of almost all things scientific.

Due to the tilting of the Earth’s axis, our day lengthens for 6 months and wanes for 6 months.  Even though the Hunka-hunka laughs at me every time I say it, you will notice each day is getting 67 seconds longer starting December 22nd and it will continue until June 21st.  Those 67 seconds mount up.  Near the end of January, you get an extra minute in the morning and another at sunset.  Trust me on this and start monitoring the changing amount of light.

As I’m closing the shades each night, I will say, “OMG!, did you notice how much lighter it is than when I closed the shades yesterday?”  Poor G will have to nod his head or give me a ‘yeah baby’ or I get all cranky pants.  You are going to be really surprised.  Take a moment and share this with your friends; they will be totally amazed and look upon you as an oracle.

And remember:  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.  Please don’t take my sunshine away.

This photo was taken at Deception Pass on the northern end of Whidbey Island by the dashingly handsome Greg Thomas.


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