I recently had an epiphany about purses.  For over 15 years, I carried everything I needed in this little black cross-over bag I bought at Pike Place Market in Seattle, hand made by The Stick Man.  I never noticed the weight because there wasn’t any to speak of.

Then, I decided I needed a bit more room and I had the maker of the original bag make me another.  It was big enough to include my sunglasses case and a bit more.  It was a bit                    more  cumbersome, but not that much heavier.  I mean, how much do sunglasses weigh?

And then, about a year ago, I bought a large leather market bag that has room for everything.  Why did I need room for everything?  Who defines everything?  And why is it my responsibility to be able to fill every need people may have?  Wow, someone has issues!

You can see the conundrum.  The market bag was beautiful.  It was a warm red that even non-fashionable guys would comment, “Nice bag”.  But, it became heavier and heavier.

One day, the Hunka-hunka slid it off my arm to help me on some stairs and said,  “WTF!  What’s in here?”  When we got home we weighed it and emptied it to see what was in it.  Welllll, I had a bit of everything in that bag including:  a bound copy of the Constitution (doesn’t everyone), 3 notepads, a Maglite, a clean pair of underwear (don’t ask), a toothbrush and toothpaste, a dozen Band-Aids, a wallet, sunglasses, keys for 3 vehicles and 4 houses, a makeup bag with first aid supplies, an emergency whistle, an address book, a cell phone, 3 shopping bags, a bottle of water, several pocket knives, 6 chap sticks, $5.87 in change and more.  Sheer stupidity is all I can say.

So, even though I loved having the room, I’m back with my little black cross-over bag.  I now carry a wallet, eye drops, a notebook, a pen, keys to 2 vehicles and 2 houses.  I can even fit my cell phone in if I try really hard.  Don’t kill yourself trying to supply the needs of the world.  The world will be OK.

Big kiss, Lynn


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