Noodle Clusters

When I was young, I thought these Christmas cookies were so exotic.  The only other time I ever saw chow mien noodles was when we were lucky enough to have Chinese food, so of course I thought these were the height of fabulousness and foreign flair.  Could they be any easier?  I don’t think so.  You do have to be prepared to move fast once you start the process.  There isn’t much worse in the cookie world then when your chocolate starts to harden.

I usually put my chow mien noodles and peanuts in a fairly large bowl.  I’m loving these large prep bowls you see on the Food Channel.  They come in all sizes, but I like the humongous ones so I have plenty of room to stir.  Plus the price is right.  If you don’t have a restaurant supply near you,  this set of 4 is less than $20 on Amazon.  I know, shut up!  You will use them for everything.

Since you are mixing chocolate and butterscotch chips 50/50, the chocolate flavor is not quite as intense, which I like a lot better.  I’m going to try making them with just butterscotch as soon as I can sneak it by all the chocoholics I’m related to.  You might think by reading the recipe that these are candy, but this is 30 days of Christmas cookies so you would be wrong.    Give them a try and let me know if you think they are as exotic as I remember.

12 ounces chocolate chips

12 ounces butterscotch chips

6 ounces chow mien noodles

¾ cup Spanish peanuts

Melt chips.  Pour over the combined noodles and peanuts.  Mix quickly.  Form into balls, place on waxed paper and chill.


*  From the Recipe Box:

I grew up eating these and this is mom’s recipe.  They seemed so exotic when I was a kid.  Hello, they had chow mien noodles in them.  We only had them at Christmas and I continue to have them only at Christmas.  They’re a mess to make, but the kids love to help with these.

and remember:  Look forward to each and every day as if it were your birthday.  Big kiss, Lynn




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