Cabbage Patch Soup

Hooray, it must be soup week here at the Recipe Box.  Soup, soup, soup, soup!!!!  Did you grow up with soup?  My mom made soup all the time at my dad’s request.  Navy bean was a particular favorite.  I must admit I didn’t appreciate them as much as I should have, the soups not the folks.

My favorite ingredient in this soup recipe is the cabbage.  I find it has a great mouth feel and totally satisfies my need to chew.  I know, you think cabbage is cabbage, but that’s so not true.  The curly leaves of the Napa cabbage taste totally different than the smooth leaved cabbage that almost disintegrates when cooked.  The Napa maintains the body the other cabbage is totally lacking.  You’re going to have to try them both and report back.

Obviously, the best think about soup is the interchangeable nature of the ingredients.  If you don’t like my picks, please keep trying until you find the right ones for you.  For example, the recipe calls for bouillon cubes.  I’m not a fan.  They are incredibly salty and usually have a chemically taste.  I would rather replace the water with beef broth.  I can’t make soup without carrots and celery.  It’s my jam.  I use different beans every time I make this.  I’m especially fond of garbanzos and kidney beans.

This broth calls for toasted baguettes or croutons.  Costco makes a great baguette as does Trader Joe’s, of course the best ones come from Panera.  I want a chewy, chewy crust with a soft interior to really soak up the broth.  One of the Gkids once told me I was very judgmental, and I totally agree, but why not have what you love.  I’ve studied my bread choices and these are fabulous.  As I always say, I only have so many years left, so I’m eating good bread.  And try the soup.  I’m a total broth fiend and the combo of broth and bread is hard to beat.

2 pounds ground beef

1 cup onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 cup green pepper

2 large cans tomatoes, chopped

1 tablespoon parsley, minced

1 ½ tablespoon chili powder

1 can beans

1 large head Napa cabbage, coarsely chopped

3 beef bouillon cubes, dissolved in 1 cup hot water

5 cups water

S & P to taste

Brown meat in large kettle.  Add onion, garlic, and green pepper.  Cook until tender.  Add remaining ingredients slowly.  Add desired amount of water.

Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour



* From the Recipe Box:

The Cabbage Patch Restaurant in Snohomish was a favorite for years and I always had this soup.


and remember:  I kiss even better than I cook.  Spread the word!  Big kiss, Lynn

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