Rotisserie Chicken Options


My favorite grandchild, you know the one, was here for a few days the end of August.  On the way home from picking him up, we stopped at Costco.  I always buy a rotisserie chicken while I’m there, but since the Gkid was shopping with me, he said we’d better buy 2 since both he and GPa love the skin, he didn’t want any fights.  What a peacemaker!

We’re about 90 minutes Costco to home so we started thinking of all the things we would do with the chicken.  As games go, it’s a lot more fun than I Spy Something Green.  Besides, the Gkid is a budding chef and really gets into it.  So back to the project at hand.

Of course, we started with that night’s dinner, rotisserie chicken.  Greg will carve so he gets all the dark meat off the thigh, Gkid gets the legs and I get the breast.  I served it on a bed of buttered orzo with a side of sautéed pea pods.  Gkid looked at it a little funny, but ended up loving it.

Next night would normally be Chinese Chicken Salad, but Gkid hasn’t grown into salads yet.  Instead I introduced him to the joys of quesadillas.  I thought he was going to drown in his own spit.  In an oiled frypan, place an 8 inch flour tortilla, next a layer of Mexican cheese blend, then a layer of smallish cubed chicken, another layer of cheese and then another tortilla.  Cook slowly over medium heat.  Check for nice color and then flip.  I usually put a lid on it to make sure the cheese melts.  I cut this into 6 wedges and serve with sour cream and salsa.  He ate it all minus the sour cream and salsa, but his tummy was very full.  Num!

The next day we made broth.  I save the rotisserie carcasses until I’ve amassed four in the freezer.  Place the bones in a large pot, add a couple of carrots, a few ribs of celery, an onion cut into wedges, a tablespoon of peppercorns, salt and water to cover.  Let this bubble away for a couple of hours.  After straining, the Gkid and I made Chicken Noodle Soup.  Did you know it didn’t have to come in cans?  Neither did he.

If he’d been here longer, there might have been enough chicken for fried rice as well.  We had a great few days and now he wants to play the game with other food.  Love it.

and remember:  Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.  Big kiss, Lynn

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