It’s Time for the Clyde

The Clyde Theater

The Hunka-hunka and I have discovered the joy of going to the movies.  Yes, we used to go to the movies in the past.  One year, every movie we saw had insects in it:  A Bug’s Life, Antz, Pokemon etc.  And cow-a-bunga, the cost!  We rarely went; it became a very special outing.

Now, The Clyde is a part of our lives.  For a mere $5.00 each, we see whatever they choose to show us.  We average one movie every 2 weeks or so.  From Mamma Mia 2, Jurassic World, Notorious RBG to Black Panther and Jumanji, we get to sit in an intimate theater with maybe 250 seats, buy $1.00 bags of popcorn and enjoy the show.

Notorious RBG, a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a personal hero, outsold The Avengers, Infinity War, a super hero movie.  Only on Whidbey Island folks, only on Whidbey.  Even more impressive, it had to be brought back for a second round of showings due to popular demand.  What’s not to love.

The Clyde is located in Langley, a pretty little town on the east side of Whidbey Island.  We always enjoy a stroll while waiting to get in line for our movie.  The best store in the world just happens to be a couple of doors up from the theater.  I love you Star Store!  They deserve their own story which I’ll save for another day.

I’ve loved movies since I was a little girl.  Back in the day, the aunts and uncles would get together on Saturday afternoon and play cards and solve the world’s problems and the kids would be dropped off at the movies.  I’d go with the cousins to Northgate, the Crest or the Grand.  Back then, it was 25 cents for the matinee.  Yeah, I am that old.  Can you imagine dropping 6 unsupervised kids under 11 at the theater now? We all loved it.

Now I keep track of what movie is being released soon and monitor the coming events.  The Clyde only has one screen and typically one showing a day, except for Saturday and Sunday when they have a 5 p.m. show for us old farts.  Today we’re seeing Crazy, Rich, Asians to let Hollywood know we support diversity in movies.  I love going to the movies now.  Feel free to join me; I’ll buy the popcorn, after all, it’s only a dollar.

and remember:  When I’m alone, I practice my Oscar speech and I always remember to thank you.  Big kiss, Lynn


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