Anthony’s Forever!!!







If you’re lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, you have probably eaten at Anthony’s.  We typically go to the one in Everett, but each and every one I’ve been to is fabulous.  It’s the perfect spot to take your 90 year old father for birthday lunch or your 11 year old granddaughter for her first lobster.  I’ve had performance reviews there and sent my kids off to prom from there.

There is no place more fun in the summer than the deck overlooking the marina.  Grab some friends and add years to your life be laughing yourselves silly over absolutely nothing with the sun shining in your face.  The bar in the winter is cozy, warm and inviting.  It’s the perfect spot for dinner before a Village Theater performance or a Silvertips game.

For years, Mom, Dad, Uncle Jiggs, Auntie Kay, Paul, Linda, Greg and I would go there to celebrate our summer birthdays.  The service is always cheerful and attentive, no matter how odd we might get.  Yes, I did order a bowl of aioli sauce once.  Yes, they did bring it to me.  Yes, I love their aioli.  Uncle Jiggs would always order 2 hot fudge sundaes.  Why not?

My go-to order is the Alder Planked Salmon with Red Pepper Beurre Blanc Sauce.  I truly could lick the plate.  Of course, the clam chowder is awesome.  I love a thick, white chowder and whether you get it in a ceramic bowl or a sourdough bread bowl, this fits the bill.  While the tempura vegetables are no longer listed on the menu, if they aren’t too busy they will whip up a plate for you.  You are their honored guest.

So, if you haven’t been, go.  If you haven’t been lately, go.  We need places like this in our communities.

I love Anthony’s, and they make a good martini.

and remember:  I wish we had more time to waste and do stupid stuff together.  Big kiss, Lynn

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