Taco Soup es Muy Bueno


I love soup.  Let me say it again, I really love soup.  I wait all summer long for weather cool enough to make this soup.  It’s not too spicy, but it has a lot of spice flavor.  My favorite way to eat it is with a spoonful of sour cream on top, a sprinkling of cheese and crushed tortilla chips.

It’s not just soup though, it is so much more.  We love a ladle on top of a baked potato.  It’s great on top of a plate of nachos.  I use it as filling for tacos.

If you like Shepard’s Pie, picture this as the base then a layer of mashed potatoes, a layer of corn followed by a layer of shredded cheese.  You can be totally creative with it.  Just have fun and let me know if you come up with some great ideas. I freeze this in containers of varied sizes just to give me all the options.

Ole’ for Taco Soup season!

Taco Soup

1 pound ground beef

½ cup onion, chopped

½ cup celery, chopped

2 cans Mexi-Corn

2 cans kidney beans

2 cans stewed tomatoes

1 envelope taco seasoning mix

Brown the meat with the onion and celery.  Drain the grease.  Add the other ingredients and simmer together until flavors blend, approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

This is a very thick soup and another can of stewed tomatoes may be added if you desire a thinner mixture.

Serve with a spoonful of sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and taco chips.


From the Recipe Box:

This soup is ever so easy, but it doesn’t taste that way.  Spicy without being hot.  The hardest part is finding Mexi-Corn.  I use frozen corn and add some chopped red and green peppers when I can’t find the Mexi-Corn.  If you have leftover Bloody Mary Mix, it works equally well to thin the soup down a bit.

and remember:  What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.  Big kiss, Lynn

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