Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill

Ah, Gordon’s…..

We discovered Gordon’s shortly after buying our cabin on Whidbey Island.  For the last 10 years, I’ve celebrated my birthday here at Gordon’s.  I go randomly throughout the year, but I always come on my birthday. And why?  Because I love the lemon tart.  I know, I know, they don’t make a lemon tart any more.  I keep thinking if I whine enough times when I order the Key lime tart, they will take pity on me and start carrying it again.


I’ve always been a firm believer in the philosophy, “eat dessert first, life is full of uncertainties”.  Before I order my entrée, I ask if there are tarts and I reserve one.  They are a work of art and need a moment or two of preparation.   Next, I order my usual:  Penn Cove clams and mussels in a curry sauce and a Grey Goose Martini.  It’s the little things.


They have a lovely menu, but why would I want something else when my first choice is so good.  Just look at that broth.  Num!  The clams are on the appetizer menu, but as usual Gordon does not want you to go away hungry.  So, I leave it up to Greg to try new things.  He did discover the best French fries I’ve ever eaten a few visits ago.  Yes, even better than Dick’s Drive-In!

We usually go for lunch.  I normally feel guilt if I linger too long at a restaurant, but the lunch crowd here moves through fairly quickly so if I want to linger, and dare I say it, have a 2nd martini, I linger.  Not that Anneliese would ever walk by and clear her throat.  She is too classy to do anything like that.

The staff is incredible, warm and welcoming.  I’d happily be friends with any or all of them.  They will treat you like an honored guest.  Go visit them and tell them Lynn sent you and would they please start carrying lemon tarts again.  I’d be ever so happy if you did!

And remember:  Martinis…they’re not just for breakfast anymore.  Big kiss, Lynn

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