How Khloe Invented the Donut Cake

One of my favorite people on the planet is my great niece, Khloe with a K.  A couple of weeks ago, she asked if she could have her 8th birthday party here at the cabin and would I make her another donut cake.  My first response was yes, but the next response was …. another?  I don’t remember making a donut cake before, but of course I said no problem.  After some sleuthing, her dad reminded me of the bundt cake I made her last summer when she visited.   Ah-ha!

Well alrighty then.  Now I’m more of a pie girl so don’t be thinking you are going to get an amazing cake recipe from me.  Ain’t going to happen.  But, I love a challenge and I love the relationship I have with Khloe, so there was no way I was going to disappoint her.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, I now have a special relationship with Pillsbury too.  Two boxes of Funfeti cake mix later I was ready to begin.  I mixed up both boxes and filled 4 small bundt-type pans and 1 regular sized pan.  I just followed the package directions, so I won’t bore you with the recipe.

I used a basic buttercream frosting.  I decided to call the frosting Electric Boogaloo.  I made it half purple and left half white and put a ton of sprinkle on top.  Score!

Khloe was happy, I was happy.  So, that’s how Khloe invented the donut cake.  Make one for someone you love.




And remember:   If you name it, it becomes yours.  Millions of puppies and kittens can’t be wrong.  Big Kiss, Auntie Lynn

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